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Jiangyin City Printing & Packaging Machinery Co.,LTD

      Jiangyin City, and letter printing packaging machinery Co., Ltd., is located in the beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake, outstanding people of the South Bank of the Yangtze River, east to Shanghai, west near Nanjing, s38 often combines high-speed (also known as high speed along the river) Gu Shan exports 3 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.
      Since its establishment, by virtue of the fertile soil of the Yangtze River Delta the deep industry background and experience in machining play the advantages of local packaging machinery base, and actively introduce advanced technology qualified personnel, "to scientific and technological innovation, quality first, customer first" for the business philosophy, adhere to the follow the path of specialization, absorbing, the equipment to do fine and stronger.

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Jiangyin City Printing & Packaging Machinery Co.,LTD
Manager:Liu Dongxiao
Tel:86-510-8632 0256
MB:86-139 2126 7572
FAX:86-510-8635 8256
Address:Jiangsu Province, Jiangyin Gushan Town Industrial Park North liberation Hing Road
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